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 Funeral Flowers for Babies


Flowers play a very important role in the lives of people. They are the best means to give happiness, a romantic ambience and even to express your sympathy. Of course, flowers come in different colors and meanings. They may mean love, peace or sympathy.


But babies are the most precious gifts from Above. Thus, a loss of a baby will surely mean the most painful part of a mother’s life. It will be one of the most dreadful situations that are very hard to handle. Babies have different impacts to the lives of people, even if the baby belongs to someone.


Your best move to comfort the grieving parents, especially the mother of the child, is to send sympathy flowers. However, choosing a funeral flower for babies is sure to be a delicate and sensitive task. Thus, these tips will help you in choosing the best funeral flowers for babies:


  • The flower arrangement

Before choosing the type of flowers, you first need to determine the location of the funeral or where you want to send the sympathy flowers to. There are different types of funeral flower arrangements, depending on the situation and the location. Casket sprays are not good to be sent to the home of the deceased. Thus, it will be best to consider first the location. You can send casket sprays and wreaths to the funeral home for funeral services. But, if you want to send funeral flowers to the residence of the bereaved loved ones, small bouquets and baskets will do.


  • The size of the arrangement

You need to decide on the size of the arrangement that you want to order from a flower shop. Prices will vary depending on the size of the floral arrangement. The bigger the size of the floral arrangement, the higher the price of it will be. But, funeral flower arrangement for infants and children are usually in smaller sizes.


  • Get to know the meaning of the flowers.

Of course, flowers come in different species, colors and meanings.  It will be best to choose those flowers that will best acknowledge the traits of the deceased child or infant. You can choose those flowers that mean simplicity, purity and gentleness like pink roses, white roses, calla lilies, white chrysanthemums and pink lilacs. Forget- me-not flowers are also one of the famous choices for baby funerals.


  • Choose the appropriate color of funeral flowers.

Floral colors for a baby funeral should also be considered. Colors and arrangements will represent the way in which the funeral attendees like friends and loved ones want to remember the deceased child. The traditional colors for babies are pale blue and light pink, for a baby boy and girl respectively. Blue-colored flowers means serenity and peace; while the pink-colored ones mean innocence, youth and joy. White flowers represent innocence and purity. One of the most favorite funeral flowers for infants is a bouquet of pastel or light-colored flowers. Lavender is a good choice for a deceased young girl as well.



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