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Please note that we cannot currently commit to any specific delivery dates when you place a Gift Now, Deliver Later order. We will personally contact your recipient when we are able to schedule a delivery date for this gift.

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Flower Information based on Occasion 

Wedding Flowers

Wedding days are the most important event in the lives of two lovers. Of course, since it will be a very memorable and special day for them, they want to make everything perfect. For sure, all the brides out there are dying to know of how they will look while walking down the aisle in their wedding gowns. Furthermore, girls are also thinking about the flowers that will make their wedding day a glamorous and sweet event. Of course, flowers and their freshness will reveal the romantic atmosphere on their wedding day. Certainly, you cannot imagine a wedding day without flowers. In fact, there are lots of wedding flowers available. All of them have their own category and style to be set on your wedding day. You will surely get confused in choosing the best flowers for your wedding. Well, here is a list of some pricey flowers that will complete your wedding day.

Casablanca Lily – These are also known as oriental lilies. They are ranked as one of the top favorites for wedding flowers. Of course, they are quite expensive. But the irresistible sweet scent of this flower will surely make the bride and the florist agree on the same thing. 

Gardenia – These flowers are very gorgeous; and they come in bunches. This is a very good attraction on top of the tables. Also, they look good as floaters in a bowl with floating candles. They surely add more to the romantic ambiance on your wedding day. These flowers don’t have a stem; and they’re fragile. Thus, it is good to tie them using a lace or a wire to hold the bunch of Gardenias firmly.

Hydrangea – These flowers come in burgundy, purple, blue and pink. In the Victorian flower words, this flower symbolizes vanity. This is one of the scentless flower specie that usually grows in shrubs. They are best for making your bouquet more attractive. The flowers will change its colors as it grows in length from bubble gum pink to sky blue. Hydrangea certainly looks elegant and classy.

Lily of the Valley – This bell-shaped flower is known as the ladder to heaven. It has a very unique scent with its perfumed aroma. These flowers are usually available in white.

Orchid – This is a mark of loveliness and sophistication. It is very enchanting and elegant; and it could be a precious gift for a nuptial. Orchids stand out among other flowers as it represents perfection. Furthermore, the spots of this flower are regarded as the Blood of Christ. Thus, orchid is very auspicious in Christian weddings.

Peony – These are very attractive flowers and could be one of the best wedding gifts. Peonies have plenty of petals and when they bloom, they will definitely give out an elegant look. Thus, they are very in-demand for weddings to be used as bouquets.

Rose – Of course, rose is the perfect flower for your wedding. It is undeniably the most famous among the flowers on this planet. Poetries and fairy tales have mentioned roses as a metaphorical expression of passion, beauty, emotion and true love. The look, the fragrance and even the essence of this flower will make it more elegant and perfect!

Stephanotis – This is popularly known as the representation of marital happiness since the Victorian era. Of course, white-colored Stephanotises are the best choice for a wedding. It has a long stem and is star-shaped. They are also fragile. The good thing about this flower is that they are available all throughout the year.

Tulip – This flower actually originated from Persia. It is a symbol of happy years and consuming years. Furthermore, they are also known as a representation of eternal love, which makes them a must-have flower during weddings.

Funeral Flowers

Flowers are used to express someone’s feeling in different situations. Most of the time, people think about flowers during romantic situations. But, flowers are for universal purposes. You can use them whenever or whatever will be the situation. Thus, you cannot imagine a funeral without any flowers as well. They serve as a medium to send your message of sympathy in the absence of your words.Life is a constant battle of survival. It is all about the ups and downs, and the different situations that are faced by different people from all walks of life. Everyone will surely come to his/her point of grief when a loved one passes away. Of course, this is part of life but this will also be the time to comfort and encourage the people who have lost their special someone. Farewell could be the most painful word you can utter. However, if words will fail, funeral flowers can send your message. They could also give some consolation to your friends and relatives who are in their most dreadful situation. 

There are different types of funeral flowers that are suitable for funeral occasions. These are the types of Funeral flowers:Chrysanthemum – This flower belongs to the Asteraceae family; and they are one of the Asian and Northern European native flowers. Chrysanthemums have nearly 30 species on this planet. They come in different colors like yellow, pink, white and tan. These are one of the most famous sympathy flowers that are usually used in wreaths and other funeral flower arrangements.Rose – These flowers belongs to the Rosaceae family. Roses are very abundant on this planet. In fact, there are more than 100 species of roses; and they come in a variety of colors with different meanings. Red and white roses are the most popular colors of roses. They are commonly chosen by people for a funeral. Roses are commonly laid across the coffin during the funeral. Blue colored flowers are very common during funeral occasion. Iris, Delphiniums, hydrangea and blue roses are commonly seen during funeral. Iris is seen throughout the year because it is not a seasonal flower. Thus, it is available in any flower shop all year-round.Lily – This is also one of the funeral flowers that is considered by many people. Lilies have numerous species like Calla lily, oriental lily, and longiflorum lily. Furthermore, they come in varieties of colors like pink, yellow and white. They also differ in sizes.Carnation – This is one of the traditional and most beautiful flowers that will last for a longer period. Carnations are one of the best funeral flowers. Their colors correspond to their meanings, like red, which represents boldness and strength; while white carnations mean peace and truth. White carnations are more preferable during funeral occasions.These are some of the best funeral flowers that you can send to express your condolences and last farewell to your loved ones. Just pick one of these flowers and let your feelings be known. Give some hope and comfort with these sympathy flowers to your friends and loved ones.


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